About My Stories

Hope this website helps you, english isn’t my first english. But I would really like to do a good job in helping you get inspired or make you laugh with a few funny stories or two. 

Maybe you are an individual person, but maybe you are a business, I’ve got funny stories and also inspirations on looking for real estate trying to find a good place to move to. And also to get a good deal for. 

Look at our blog posts to see if any of the ideas that helps you to have a laugh and better real estate investor. 

I haven’t set up a direct email to this yet, but you can comment if you have anymore questions. 

My home is based in Japan, but I do help clients operate in major cities around the world, such as London, New York, Toronto. 

Most of my blog posts will be based in Japan and London where I have the most knowledge. 

One of my big inspirations is Graham Stephens. I will write about him in my blog posts. I watch his videos to help me improve my english. 

Here is a photo of him and you can find his videos on youtube:

graham real estate youtuber