Learning to play guitar as a beginner in London

Inspiration to learn guitar as a 6 year old My passion of music goes pretty deep.  All started when I was 6… watching Brian May perform his awesome guitar solos in Queen for the Live Aid concert.  It was just brilliant.  I was memorized by the way his fingers moved, the sound that came out […]


Johnny Depp

 I rented a video today and rented a video, but Johnny Depp is the one who stands alone for me and looks cool. It was a semi-new video, but for me it was an interesting story and it was pretty good. When I see a story about debt in a movie, there are many cases […]


Going to a thai bakery

I told a rumored Thai bakery that I could have a line, but I ate freshly baked bread from around with a reputation of being delicious. Certainly, it had a crisp texture and a higher quality than ordinary ones, but it was too sweet to eat because the skin was thin and most of the […]


Me and my microwave

Microwave ovens can be found anywhere in the house, and of course in my house, but my master doesn’t seem to be able to use them. When I came back from home, I was strongly told, “I thought I could get some milk, but I couldn’t use the range, I just broke everything.” It seems […]


Funny Story about my rice cooker

Since the condition of the rice cooker at home is not good, I have investigated the price at an electric shop as a preview. It would be ideal if you could cook 5 go, but when I looked at it, I was surprised that the price was lower than before. Well, the popular clay pot […]


Funny Story about me and cats

I love cats, but I had a little trouble before, and when I went to my friend’s house, the cat was relaxing.It was so cute that I was able to touch it and have a good time. If you want to have a cup of tea and talk and have a good time chatting with […]


Funashishi – fighting games

The unofficial character Funashishi here has been enormously popular for some time now, but it has now appeared in my favorite games. It appeared as a fighting player only at the event, but it was surprisingly strong so I made it my favorite character and always came out at the battle. The action is quite […]


Getting a fast settlement

  The reason for asking a real estate purchaser is that settlement is fast. This is useful if you want to sell quickly or do not need any advertising. No brokerage fees are required. Because it is a direct sale, you can ask for a real estate purchase quickly and reliably. The real estate purchaser is […]