Me and my microwave

Microwave ovens can be found anywhere in the house, and of course in my house, but my master doesn’t seem to be able to use them.

When I came back from home, I was strongly told, “I thought I could get some milk, but I couldn’t use the range, I just broke everything.”

It seems natural for household microwave ovens to be turned on by opening the door if the outlet is turned on, so they didn’t know that.

I was angry that I boiled it on the stove because I couldn’t use it.

I absolutely think that the couple is good, but we and the couple who are just quarreling are not considered to be so bad when they go outside, so it is the strangest thing think.

It’s best to pass over without saying anything, because if you answer something, you will be able to take a fried leg.

Or do you want to argue so far? It’s always strange.

Funny Story about my rice cooker

Since the condition of the rice cooker at home is not good, I have investigated the price at an electric shop as a preview.
It would be ideal if you could cook 5 go, but when I looked at it, I was surprised that the price was lower than before.

Well, the popular clay pot type is expensive, but I was glad that I could buy it immediately because the price is lower than I bought before.

The thing I wanted to buy was sold for about \ 6000, so at the time of sale it seems that the price will go down a little more so I would like to see a flyer and come to buy it.
After all, I don’t want to get points, so I would like to look around a few more nearby electronics stores and buy them at the cheapest place.
After all, I only buy it occasionally, so it is natural to want to buy it at a cheap price if possible.

I don’t seem to understand this way of thinking, so I only shop at cheap places.
Of course, when you buy, you don’t buy inferior goods, which are lower in quality but lower in price.

I thought that it would be fun to choose home appliances if my boyfriend could do it (laugh)

Funny Story about me and cats

I love cats, but I had a little trouble before, and when I went to my friend’s house, the cat was relaxing.

It was so cute that I was able to touch it and have a good time.
If you want to have a cup of tea and talk and have a good time chatting with cake and coffee, it can be a bit difficult to say.

I bought the cake I got, but I had so much cat hair that I’m sorry to my friends, but I gently took it with a tissue when I wasn’t looking.
I thought I couldn’t help it because I kept it in the house, and when I wanted to drink freshly brewed coffee, I had just poured it into a cup and had a few more hairs.

Perhaps I’m very curious if I was dry after washing the coffee cup or if I was originally in the coffee cup.

This was also removed so that it would not be injured, and we talked with a smile, but it was not very pleasant.
No matter how much you like animals, today was a day of thought.

I’ve heard the legend that you can’t have a boyfriend if you have a cat. Is that true?
In my opinion, love and pets are not the same, so there is no particular problem.

If you laugh and cheat, it’s superfluous. (Laughs)

With this kind of feeling, this year, I will give priority to work over love and try my best.

In terms of industry, this year is a year of survival, so it’s really important how far you can go.

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Funashishi – fighting games

The unofficial character Funashishi here has been enormously popular for some time now, but it has now appeared in my favorite games.

It appeared as a fighting player only at the event, but it was surprisingly strong so I made it my favorite character and always came out at the battle.

The action is quite interesting, and when the enemy comes out, it will blow off the juice, but it will do very powerful damage and will be saved.
Even when a boss character comes out, it will do head banking and defeat it, so it will stand out among your friends and be active.

This is not something that anyone can get, it comes out in a gacha, so more than half is lucky, but it was miraculously lucky and I was able to get it.
While the story continues for a while, it seems to be easy to bring up because it seems to be able to fight with Funashi-main.
The other
action is so cute that he is so jealous (* ยด`) My favorite action is cute because the pose I take when I buy it is cute.

Funny story

When I see a story about debt in a movie, there are many cases of debt consolidation.

We need to know that there are disadvantages to debt consolidation in two or three years.

The first thing to be aware of is debt.

There are only a few Japanese actors, but there aren’t many people who are just looking cool.

That’s why I was looking at a cool man after a long absence and watching my eyes while watching the house alone.

The only thing I felt sorry was that the actress acting as the opponent wasn’t very beautiful, so I want her to be more serious.

I think some people will feel like me, so I think female fans are tough if you don’t take a serious male partner seriously.

By the way, when I watch a movie, I don’t eat and drink so much, I focus on the story, so I don’t eat while watching at a movie theater or at home.

The more you eat, the more you get fat.