Funashishi – fighting games

The unofficial character Funashishi here has been enormously popular for some time now, but it has now appeared in my favorite games.

It appeared as a fighting player only at the event, but it was surprisingly strong so I made it my favorite character and always came out at the battle.

The action is quite interesting, and when the enemy comes out, it will blow off the juice, but it will do very powerful damage and will be saved.
Even when a boss character comes out, it will do head banking and defeat it, so it will stand out among your friends and be active.

This is not something that anyone can get, it comes out in a gacha, so more than half is lucky, but it was miraculously lucky and I was able to get it.
While the story continues for a while, it seems to be easy to bring up because it seems to be able to fight with Funashi-main.
The other
action is so cute that he is so jealous (* ยด`) My favorite action is cute because the pose I take when I buy it is cute.

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