Funny Story about me and cats

I love cats, but I had a little trouble before, and when I went to my friend’s house, the cat was relaxing.It was so cute that I was able to touch it and have a good time.
If you want to have a cup of tea and talk and have a good time chatting with cake and coffee, it can be a bit difficult to say.
I bought the cake I got, but I had so much cat hair that I’m sorry to my friends, but I gently took it with a tissue when I wasn’t looking.

I thought I couldn’t help it because I kept it in the house, and when I wanted to drink freshly brewed coffee, I had just poured it into a cup and had a few more hairs.
Perhaps I’m very curious if I was dry after washing the coffee cup or if I was originally in the coffee cup.This was also removed so that it would not be injured, and we talked with a smile, but it was not very pleasant.
No matter how much you like animals, today was a day of thought.
I’ve heard the legend that you can’t have a boyfriend if you have a cat. Is that true?

In my opinion, love and pets are not the same, so there is no particular problem.
If you laugh and cheat, it’s superfluous. (Laughs)With this kind of feeling, this year, I will give priority to work over love and try my best.In terms of industry, this year is a year of survival, so it’s really important how far you can go.If you want more

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