Funny story about shopping

Funny story about shopping 

So over 2020 obviously I could only shop online which was a bit of a bummer. And it’s so annoying when you order something online and then it comes in it’s never quite as good as how you imagined it. But then on the other hand sometimes when you shop online it’s great because you can see reviews. Other times it’s nice to go into a store and really browse around and obviously that couldn’t happen in 2020. And I love shopping it’s one of my favourite hobbies besides playing the guitar. And without anywhere to go shop and also nowhere to show off what I buy it’s pretty boring. 

So the funny story about the shopping online is that everyone starts buying stuff from the same place because I guess that ones are listed online. So that me and my friend go for a walk together and we end up wearing the same jacket. It’s pretty funny because it means that we both have great taste. And now I have my eye on a different jacket but who knows so hard when you buy stuff and you have to return it when it’s not the right size and in the post office is annoying in this queue

. And of course it’s all socially distance in in the queue and I’ve been all the way round the block because you have to be 2 m apart from each other. And then I get to the front of the queue and realise that I don’t even have a mask on. So then I end up using guess what a bib for my baby as a Facemask just so that I could get into the post office how silly is that!

I mean it’s not the first time that a few something that is unconventional us a face mask why doesn’t matter anyway it seems really silly and we all have to wear facemasks everywhere I don’t even really work that well. But I guess it stops people from spitting into each other’s faces. Which sometimes people do I just gross ha ha!

What’s the funniest thing that you’ve seen people use as a face mask? I’ve seen people choose a giant water bottle ha ha I think that was from online somewhere.

I think I saw someone who is a watermelon to again that was online not in real life. I think in real life most people just use gloves when they don’t have anything else.

Or maybe a handkerchief folded up so they look a bit like someone from a western.

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