Going to a thai bakery

I told a rumored Thai bakery that I could have a line, but I ate freshly baked bread from around with a reputation of being delicious.
Certainly, it had a crisp texture and a higher quality than ordinary ones, but it was too sweet to eat because the skin was thin and most of the fish were in an anchor state.
You can see the cost of the ingredients, and the taste was very good, but somehow, I think that taiyaki has a lot to do with the deliciousness of the skin.

Sure, it was expensive and expensive, but it was a shame that Thai food was too sweet and too sweet to end up being delicious.

People who like it may like it, but I love sweets and say that I am too sweet, so eating it every day may not be good for you.

I guess it might be even better if the amount of honey and sugar used in the Anko is reduced a little more, but keep it silent because it is not what I am an amateur.

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