Me and my microwave

Microwave ovens can be found anywhere in the house, and of course in my house, but my master doesn’t seem to be able to use them.

When I came back from home, I was strongly told, “I thought I could get some milk, but I couldn’t use the range, I just broke everything.”

It seems natural for household microwave ovens to be turned on by opening the door if the outlet is turned on, so they didn’t know that.

I was angry that I boiled it on the stove because I couldn’t use it.

I absolutely think that the couple is good, but we and the couple who are just quarreling are not considered to be so bad when they go outside, so it is the strangest thing think.

It’s best to pass over without saying anything, because if you answer something, you will be able to take a fried leg.

Or do you want to argue so far? It’s always strange.

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