Learning to play guitar as a beginner in London

Inspiration to learn guitar as a 6 year old

My passion of music goes pretty deep. 

All started when I was 6… watching Brian May perform his awesome guitar solos in Queen for the Live Aid concert. 

It was just brilliant. 

I was memorized by the way his fingers moved, the sound that came out of that guitar… Silky smooth licks. 

Ever since then I’ve really really really wanted to play guitar. But my parents wouldn’t let me. 

Oh play the cello, they would say. Play the piano they would say. Didn’t they understand I want to be a guitarist at heart? 

You should focus on your studies, they would say…. parents hey! 

Finally my chance is here. I’ve got independence. I’m making my own money, living in London, learning guitar can finally be something I can do. 

Finding the right guitar school in London for me 

I found Guitar Tuition East London because I’m living in Hackney at the moment. And from what I’ve seen so far, they have been really awesome. Great teachers, really enthusiastic fellow students. 

Lots of them even started as complete beginners and are now performing! Which is exactly what I want to do coming out of all of this. There are just some childhood dreams that you can’t let go off. 

Fellow student learning guitar with me as a beginner
Fellow student learning guitar with me at “Guitar Tuition East London”

I’m really excited to really get going. This will be my first time trying, and I’ve heard from so many people that they’ve tried on their own several times and given up. So I’m really hoping that with their focus on helping beginners to learn to play guitar. That it’s really going to help me get better too. 

I will keep you updated along with my other crazy adventures! 

Living in London (In England that is) is pretty wide. So we will see what happens. Especially during these strange times!