The Admiral story and helicopter story


Fred Gibbs, who was in his mid-60s and retired, began a second career in catering.  His schedule wasn’t going to allow him to get to work on time, however.  It was like clockwork every morning.  Nevertheless, he was good at his job and very clever, so his owner was unsure how to approach it.  A few days later, he invited Steve into his office for a chat. Fred, I must say, I appreciate the quality of your work, but your tardiness is becoming quite a concern.’ 


‘Yes, sir. I feel the same way. I’m trying to do better.’ He replied. Your team spirit makes me glad to hear that. Oddly, you arrived late. My understanding is that you are retired. Was there anything you were told if you arrived late?”late?”late?” They probably said, “Good morning, Admiral.”.



The state fair was an annual event for Walter and Ethel. 

 Then he would say to her, “Ethel, you know how much I’d love to take that helicopter for a ride.” 

She once replied, “I know that Walter, but this helicopter ride costs 50 dollars.”

At the fair, they eventually met Walter, who said to Ethel. My age is 87 now, Ethel. This may be the last opportunity for me to fly that helicopter.” 

Ethel replied once again, “Walter, that helicopter costs 50 dollars.”.

“Well, I’ll make a deal with you,” the helicopter pilot said to the pair this time when he overheard their conversation. Those of you who can remain quiet and not say a word for the entire ride will not be charged! However, if you say one word, you will be charged 50 dollars.”


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